ARC Review: She Kills Me

TW: This collection of true crime stories contains many trigger warnings including death, murder, violence, torture, and rape. I’m assuming if you are sensitive to death and murder, you don’t frequent the true crime section of your local bookstore.

Jennifer Wright has somehow managed to turn a collection of true crime stories into a book on female empowerment and I love every second of it!

Ok, so saying that this book is about female empowerment is a bit of an overreach, but Wright does dispel the myth that women are not killers. Many of the male victims in these stories learned that women are just as capable of committing atrocities.

Wright breaks the stories down into 9 sections, including poisoners and scorned women. The chapter on each deadly woman is a few pages long, but Wright cites her source material at the end of each if you’re interested in further reading. I also love the illustrations by Eva Bee that adorn each story – they’re so pretty!

Also helpful is that Wright provides content warnings for each chapter. For example, the entry for Elizabeth Báthory notes that it contains “torture, enslavement, juvenile death, and cannibalism”. These were really handy – I liked knowing what content to look out for and knowing I could skip a section if I found anything triggering.

I really loved this book! It felt like sitting down with one of my favorite true crime podcasts! If you can’t get enough true crime in your life, I highly recommend this!

She Kills Me is set to be released September 14th, 2021.

I received an Advanced Readers Copy via NetGalley and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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