Bookish Confessions: Cozy Mystery Irks

I love a cozy mystery. They’re quick reads, the characters are quirky, and there’s normally a laugh or two along the way.

But there are a few tropes in the cozy mystery genre that really drive me crazy. Here’s a list of my worst cozy mystery irks:

1. The Love Triangle

Everything is going good in the MC’s life. Her small, family-owned business is doing well, she has a quirky and supportive friend, and she’s found the man of her dreams. And then, she meets the other man of her dreams and spends a book or two debating who she finds dreamier. Make a choice, MC!

2. Stomping All Over Crime Scenes

You would think that cozy mystery characters have never heard of forensics. Or police investigations. Or fingerprints. Oh no, there’s a body on the floor! Make sure and touch everything, MC! Destroy that evidence!

3. Does any cozy mystery MC start out happily married/in a relationship and stay that way?

There are far too many single white female MCs in the cozy genre. I honestly can’t think of a series (except when the MC is a ghost) where the MC is in the same relationship the entire series. If you know of one, let me know!

Those are a few of my cozy mystery pet peeves. Do you have anything that irks you about cozies?

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