ARC Review: Sedition

Hello all! I’m so excited to bring you a new review post today! Thank you so much to E.M. Wright for providing me with an ARC of her debut novel, Sedition.

I’m trying out some new formatting and graphics on this post as well – I hope you enjoy the changes!!

All right, let’s get started.

  • Title: Sedition
  • Series: Children of Erikkson, Book 1
  • ISBN: 9781953539847
  • Publisher: The Parliament House
  • Publication Date: May 18, 2021
  • Genre: YA, Steampunk

In an alternative Victorian England, the upper class takes advantage of Biomatons, humans that have been given clockwork enhancements. Believing that the clockwork makes them less than human, biomatons are used as a labor force, and the dampers installed in their heads keep them completely obedient.

But Taryn Roft was not built for slavery – she was built for rebellion. She is Sedition, even if she can’t remember anything before her 12th birthday. Threats of exposure will bring Taryn to the brink of becoming who she was built to be.

I love a steampunk novel! Victorian England is one of my favorite historic periods to read about, and the steampunk twist just makes everything so much better.

E. M. Wright does a fantastic job painting a picture of Taryn’s world. Everything from the outfits to the people to the settings are all so beautifully described. I can even see the intricate clockwork in my mind.

Every issue Wright addresses in her writing is multi-layered. For instance, the biomatons we viewed as the lowest in society, but Emmett, a French immigrant, is not looked down upon much less. Classism, sexism, ableism, and even racism are prevalent themes in Taryn’s world.

Wright also spins a great mystery around Taryn’s creator, Lord Anthony Erikkson. It’s explained that she was built for rebellion, but Erikkson’s motives for creating his biomatons are unclear. What motivates Erikkson to build such unique biomatons? And what will he do with Sedition?

All in all, E. M. Wright has written a fantastic debut. Taryn is a dynamic character, the world building is wonderful, and the plot is addictive. I look forward to reading more from E. M. Wright.

Thank you so much to E. M. Wright for providing me a free copy of her book and the opportunity to review it. Sedition will be released May 18, 2021.

Here’s a bit of what to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • I’ll have a Q & A with the author of Sedition, E. M. Wright
  • I’m brainstorming some new features – look forward to some new content coming soon!

Happy reading, friends!

Want to purchase Sedition? Click the link below!

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