Bookish Confessions: Sometimes I Don’t Want to Read

Hey there, fellow readers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that, but I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. Either everything I’ve read has not been blog-worthy, or I simply didn’t feel like reading.

I’m a big fan of book challenges, but I’ve found that I often try to get involved in everything. I get overwhelmed with having to read certain things and I lose all the joy in reading.

Here’s a short list of the reading challenges I’ve gotten myself into this year:

  • #FoodandLit – read books from a certain country and make a recipe from that country
  • AuthorAMonth – read books by a certain author each month
  • BookSpin Bingo – make a list of books and read as many as you want each month
  • LittenListen – an audiobook readathon
  • Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge
  • Goodreads Challenge – 250 Books

And if those weren’t enough, I’m also involved in three book clubs, a pen pal club, and take on review books. And let’s not even get started on my Book of the Month backlog.

I must admit, it gets exhausting at times and I’ve found myself avoiding reading. I’ll sit my book beside me, but get lost in TikTok or playing on my Switch or (worst habit ever) shopping for more books. And I could listen to an audiobook while I browse, but I always forget my headphones or lose interest in the book very quickly.

So what do I do in these times? I often switch books or go back to an old favorite. And when those strategies don’t work, I’ll read a comic or manga. Something simple helps get me back on track.

I hope to have a new review up soon – if I can put my phone down and pick up the book currently being used as a pillow by my dog lol.

Happy Reading!!!

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