Audiobook Review: Dead End Drive

Hello, fellow readers! Today I’m bringing you a new audiobook review! If you like your horror with a bit of humor, Dead End Drive may be for you! TW: Death, Body Horror, Graphic Description of Murder, Homophobia, Mild Sexual Content Dead End Drive begins with the death of Agatha Benedict, Lady of the Benedict EstateContinue reading “Audiobook Review: Dead End Drive”

Bookish Confessions: Cozy Mystery Irks

I love a cozy mystery. They’re quick reads, the characters are quirky, and there’s normally a laugh or two along the way. But there are a few tropes in the cozy mystery genre that really drive me crazy. Here’s a list of my worst cozy mystery irks: 1. The Love Triangle Everything is going goodContinue reading “Bookish Confessions: Cozy Mystery Irks”

ARC Review: Lifetime Passes

TW: Death, Serious Injury I love a unique graphic novel concept, and that’s exactly what Terry Blas and Claudia Aguirre have created. Lifetime Passes is about a group of friends who spend their summers at a local amusement park. But Jackie, a DACA kid being raised by her aunt, is devastated to learn that herContinue reading “ARC Review: Lifetime Passes”

Book Review: A Talent to Deceive

TW: kidnapping, death of child I vaguely recalled the details of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping before reading A Talent to Deceive, but there’s so much more to the case than I realized. A Talent to Deceive is a good piece of investigative journalism. William Norris does a great job of telling the story of theContinue reading “Book Review: A Talent to Deceive”

Non-Fiction ARC Review: Queer Icons and their Cats

Photography books have never really been my thing. I think photography is a beautiful art form, but owning books of it never appealed to me. But when I saw Queer Icons and their Cats, I had to check it out! This collection of photographs is very cool. I loved seeing photos of these queer iconsContinue reading “Non-Fiction ARC Review: Queer Icons and their Cats”

Thriller Book Review: Five Total Strangers

TW: Violence, Stalking, Death I really like thrillers and mysteries. I do spend a lot of my time screaming internally (and occasionally out loud) about the horrible decisions that the characters make, though. And the characters in Natalie D. Richards’ Five Total Strangers make a lot of horrible decisions! Mira, a high school senior, isContinue reading “Thriller Book Review: Five Total Strangers”

ARC Review: Pantomime

A graphic novel with disability and LGBTQA+ representation? Yes please!! In Pantomime, Max and Haley are all each other has after the death of their mother. They are sent off to Wayfair Academy, a school for children with special needs. Haley is deaf and Max is mute. They find their own little family at theContinue reading “ARC Review: Pantomime”

ARC Review: She Kills Me

TW: This collection of true crime stories contains many trigger warnings including death, murder, violence, torture, and rape. I’m assuming if you are sensitive to death and murder, you don’t frequent the true crime section of your local bookstore. Jennifer Wright has somehow managed to turn a collection of true crime stories into a bookContinue reading “ARC Review: She Kills Me”

Book Review: The Root Witch

Urban legends are so creepy and yet so cool. In Debra Castaneda’s The Root Witch, TV producer Sandra Molina knows that the Trembling Giant aspen forest is spooky to say the least, but when a story presents itself just in time for Halloween, she sends out a crew to investigate reports of shadows. Her crewContinue reading “Book Review: The Root Witch”

Book Review: A Touch of Death

TW: Death, Torture Dystopian books are always interesting to me. I love to see what spin an author puts on their image of the future. I haven’t been reading much dystopian fiction over the last year given that 2020 could have thrown us anything, but I’m happy to be getting back into the genre. InContinue reading “Book Review: A Touch of Death”