Book Review – Shriekers: Episode One “The Scarecrow Man” by Jess Jay

“There’s no place that’s home…” Jess Jay delivers a twist on the apocalypse/zombie novel and I am here for it! Her MC is an orphan, and doesn’t remember the world before the Green took over. In fact, Thea is sure she’s the last living person in the world, until she meets a little girl. TheContinue reading “Book Review – Shriekers: Episode One “The Scarecrow Man” by Jess Jay”

Book Review: Bad Girls Don’t Die

Alender brings the chills. I’m a relatively new lover of the horror genre. I’m a big chicken when it comes to scary things – not too long ago, I would bury my head and cover my ears whenever a preview for the newest horror flick came on TV.But something’s changed for me in the lastContinue reading “Book Review: Bad Girls Don’t Die”

Book Review – Murder Most Pemberley

I have a confession – I have never read Pride and Prejudice. I have never read any of Jane Austen’s works. I did see a lovely community theatre production of P&P, so I know the basics of the story. But unlike the author, I have never dreamed of walking the halls of Pemberley. With thatContinue reading “Book Review – Murder Most Pemberley”