The Introductory Post

I have to admit, this is scary. I like to read. I’ve always been a reader, way back to when I would just stare at the pictures in The Monster at the End of This Book and pretend that I was reading along with the adventures of furry old Grover. I’ve collected stacks of books, carried bags of books everywhere I’ve traveled, and lived a thousand lives vicariously through the pages. I’ve even reviewed a book or two in my time.

But this is the only space that I’ve ever had that is truly my own to pour out my love of books – and that’s a bit intimidating to me. What do I have to offer in this space that isn’t already out there in droves? What can I bring to the reading universe that is uniquely me?

Well, all I can say is we’re going to find out together. If you’ve found your way to my blog, I hope you enjoy it. I hope you find something that speaks to your reader soul, gives you a giggle, makes you reminisce, or maybe just doesn’t make your day worse. Lofty goals I have here.

My first few posts will probably be some book reviews I’ve done recently, just to get the ball rolling. All right, let’s get this adventure started!