Bookish Confessions: Sometimes I Don’t Want to Read

Hey there, fellow readers! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Sorry about that, but I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. Either everything I’ve read has not been blog-worthy, or I simply didn’t feel like reading. I’m a big fan of book challenges, but I’ve found that I often try toContinue reading “Bookish Confessions: Sometimes I Don’t Want to Read”

Bookish Confessions: Cozy Mystery Irks

I love a cozy mystery. They’re quick reads, the characters are quirky, and there’s normally a laugh or two along the way. But there are a few tropes in the cozy mystery genre that really drive me crazy. Here’s a list of my worst cozy mystery irks: 1. The Love Triangle Everything is going goodContinue reading “Bookish Confessions: Cozy Mystery Irks”

Bookish Confessions: I Hate When Dogs Die in Books

Ok, it’s confession time. There are several thing I don’t like as a reader. I don’t like to call them “triggers” because I feel it minimizes the true trauma that some people can experience when reading or watching certain material. I have things I prefer to avoid in my reading. Reading tends to be anContinue reading “Bookish Confessions: I Hate When Dogs Die in Books”